What we do

At Red Code we build and maintain clean, usable, functional websites. We specialise in implementing content-managed websites and controlled access business and marketing tools. We are experts at Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

We are a small company - but 2 heads are still better than one! We place a high value on quality and always nominate a project lead with the other partner supplying quality assurance. Between us we have decades of experience working for large corporations - household names from Barclays, to O2 and Sainsbury's to NHS. We have knowledge of how business works in many sectors and can quickly come in and understand your requirements and come up with new ideas based on our perspective and awareness of how to apply technologies successfully. For small companies we provide low cost solutions with a high class finish. If required we can also pull in a virtual team of graphic designers and web technicians that we know and trust to deliver your project quickly or to supplement our skillsets.

Expert analysis of success of your site. Even if you do not wish to make any radical changes to your site at this time, your site may benefit from an expert review. For a fixed cost we will carry out a review of your site's usability, and provide suggestions for how it could be enhanced for your business's benefit.

Project management and team-leading either at your offices or remotely. If you have a third party implementing some software or a new system for you, and you would like someone independent to manage the implementation on your behalf, we are experts on how to implement the new application smoothly into your business - managing the impacts of any changes to your staff and your customers.

Finally, we do not need to walk away after the project is complete. We will happily provide the right level of on-going support for you.